Global Teachers Award

Global Teachers Award

Embark on the Global Teachers’ Award and give yourself the skills, understanding and resources to be a confident global teacher and leader in your school.

Whether you have already been involved in leading global learning or know this is the path you want to follow, the Global Teachers’ Award Level 1 course is a great start. The programme will give you greater skills, confidence and understanding to embed development education in your school’s curriculum. The course is endorsed by Oxfam and approved by the British Council for delivery within Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning (CCGL) continuing professional development offer. This means that there is funding available for you as an educator working in a state-funded school to complete the course.

Every Global Teachers Award training course includes a range of activities. These all support the learning outcomes which are that you, as a teacher, will be able to:

  • increase the ability to understand and critique the knowledge base and key concepts associated with education for a just and sustainable world (global learning)
  • identify a range of different perspectives, and question the assumptions behind them
  • enhance understanding of approaches to learning which promote critical literacy
  • have developed practical ideas for incorporating new insights into your personal life and work-related role
  • justify incorporating global learning in the curriculum and include activities to measure changes in attitudes of your pupils in relation to certain global issues
  • increase confidence and understanding of how to promote informed, active global citizenship.

Trainers leading the Global Teachers Award have been validated and dates for the one-day Level 1 course are now being promoted across England by CoDEC.

What is the commitment?

By signing up to take part, you are committing to attend a six-hour training course (this might be split, depending upon your trainer) and to undertaking a global learning activity with your class, that you then critically reflect upon and submit.

Who should take part?

This course and qualification is ideal for teachers of all phases – nursery, primary, special, secondary schools, sixth forms and further education colleges. Global learning can be delivered across all curriculum areas and is relevant to everyone.  It is particularly useful if you are a school international or global coordinator. We also recommend it to teachers who hold responsibility for eco-schools, SMSC, Fairtrade and so on.

Course attendance is also welcomed from teaching assistants who have the opportunity to deliver global learning activities to student groups or classes within their job role and responsibilities. Successful completion results in Global Educators Award accreditation.

How do I sign up?

Book your place for an online course here.


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