Stories that Heal

An Artsmark exclusive offer

Bring the joy of storytelling to your school with Global Learning London’s ‘Stories that Heal’.

Told and performed by BAFTA-nominated storyteller Alia Alzougbi, our hand-picked stories from around the world are themed around healing, mental wellbeing, building emotional resilience, and rediscovering connection with others.

At a time when our children (and teachers!) need the wisdom of sages from past ages, we are offering 30-minute assemblies for schools for a range of age groups.

Our sessions being with a 10-minute story, followed by activities to enquire into each story’s message, finding the jewel at its heart, and deepening the learning.

  • ‘Light through the Cracks’ – Mental Wellbeing and Emotional Resilience (suitable for all year groups)
  • ‘The Wisdom of Water’ – Dealing with Change (KS1 and KS2)
  • ‘Tale of Two Villages’ – Focusing on what we have in Common (suitable for all year groups)
  • ‘Goha the Wise Fool’ – Finding the answer (Nursery and KS1)
  • £100 per assembly for Artsmark partners and schools subscribed to Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services
  • £150 for all other schools