Colonialism and the Climate Crisis

Colonialism and the Climate Crisis

Last year, Greenpeace and the Runnymede Trust published Confronting Justice, a report on the links between Britain’s colonial history and today’s climate crisis.
As educators we need to explore how our colonial history has impacted and continues to affect and perpetuate the climate emergency. From environmental racism and the impact of air pollution on poorer communities to fast fashion and supply chains.

This  three hour training will support and deepen educator understanding of the climate crisis in the context of our colonial history. Educators will also have access to activities, resources and a platform that provides updated links and videos for continued learning.

Aims and Objectives
  • Support educators to gain knowledge and awareness of how British colonial history affects the climate;
  • Encourage discussion and reflection on allyship and activism within education spaces;
  • Increased access to diverse literature and resources, for educators and students.
Session Content
  • How colonialism is connected to the climate crisis
  • Explore activities to bring into the classroom
  • What is environmental racism and how does it show up today
  • Allyship and being actively anti-racist


  • £900, delivered by two facilitators, capped at 25 attendees. Available face to face or online.
  • Schools subscribed to the Tower Hamlets School Library Services get a discount of 10%.

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