Migration and Racism

Migration and Racism

This two-part online training focuses on migration and racism combining adult-level thinking with practical activities for the classroom, in a comprehensive approach that is both informative and interactive. 

This training is an initial introductory step to tackling the complex reality around racism and migration in the UK. It explores how racism is deeply and systemically embedded in our societies; what action can be taken to counter it in schools. The training will look at the history of migration and racism, and how these two deeply interconnected areas are perceived in our world.  

  • Build understanding, skills and confidence to incorporate teaching about migration, racism and its history in the classroom 
  • Reflect on own understanding, views, and attitudes towards becoming actively anti-racist 
  • Consider how racism continues to manifest in our children’s day to day lives 
  • Explore a range of effective teaching resources and methodologies to nurture learners’ values, skills, and attitudes for understanding, engaging with and acting positively on issues around Migration 
  • Explore activities that engage children in questions around racism, discrimination and what can be done to counter them 
  • Build resilience to handle the discomfort that may arise for self and/or children when holding conversations around race and migration, with courage and care 
  • Consider how to sustain an anti-racist environment in the classroom and across the school to be better allies for their students and colleagues of colour in school 
  • Receive a suite of handpicked adult-level resources and activities for the classroom 
  • Receive a booklist of anti-racist literature for all ages from the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service



Delivered by two facilitators, capped at 25 attendees. Available face to face or online.

  • Schools subscribed to the Tower Hamlets School Library Services, £600
  • Non- subscribing schools, £750
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