Shared Ground: A CPD for Schools on Teaching about Migration

Shared Ground: A CPD for Schools on Teaching about Migration

At a time when migration is becoming an increasingly controversial issue, and with anti-racism high on school agendas, we have developed training for teachers towards a critical understanding of migration through a global learning framework. This training combines adult-level thinking with practical activities for the classroom in a comprehensive approach that is both informative and interactive.

Our research has shown that cohesion is best achieved by emphasising the shared history and shared future between refugees, migrants and host communities. Our research has also shown that, ultimately, we are all migrants. We have listened to and weaved in a diverse range of perspectives to strategically develop, integrate and join up fragmented thinking, work and material culminating in this course which will inspire teachers and engage students.

Every Shared Ground Migration CPD includes a range of activities. These all support the learning outcomes which are that you, as a teacher or TA, will:

  • Gain deeper awareness and understanding of the realities and complexities of Migration
  • Have reflected on their own understanding, views and attitudes towards Migration, considering multiple perspectives
  • Have increased confidence to explore attitudes and experiences within their school community and understand how to create open spaces for dialogue and critical thinking
  • Explore a range of effective teaching resources and methodologies to nurture learners’ values, skills and attitudes for understanding, engaging with and acting positively on issues around Migration
  • Have a range of new approaches to support learners to understand global and historical inequality, become more open to difference, identify and challenge racist attitudes and therefore be more able to build relationships based on equity and trust
  • Have critically applied new ideas and approaches within their own school contexts
  • Have gained tools to evaluate teaching methods and the impact they have



What is the commitment?
  • The commitment for Level 1 is 3 hours online.
  • The commitment for Level 2 is 6 hours online.
What is the cost?
  • Level 1, schools subscribed to the Tower Hamlets School Library Services, £600, Non- subscribing schools, £750
  • Level 2, schools subscribed to the Tower Hamlets School Library Services, £1200, Non- subscribing schools, £1500
Course delivery
  • The sessions will be delivered by two trainers, online and for a maximum of 30 attendees.
  • Please take a moment to review our Terms & Conditions.
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This course was developed with funding from:





This course was originally developed by Global Learning London Associates Linda Barker and Sheila Tucker, with input from Alia Al Zougbi, Faaria Ahmad, Ruth England, Sara Nobili-Park and Martin Spafford .

We also wish to thank British Council, Darren Chetty, Development Education Research Centre at UCL Institute of Education, GlobalLink, Migration Museum, PostiveNegatives, Pupil Power, The Institute of Race Relations and The Linking Network for their time and support.