Unconscious Bias in Our Schools

Unconscious Bias in Our Schools

How it shows up, and what we can do about it

In this training for schools, we address the impact our unconscious bias has on our teaching practice and go on to explore strategies to create more socially just educational spaces.

During the training, we will discuss:

  • What is Bias and where it comes from
  • The impact of our bias in the classroom
  • Strategies to create a more positive approach to diversity in the classroom

Participants will be asked to actively participate throughout the course, creating a space to explore how our backgrounds, personalities and environment all impact how we teach – from the relationships we build with pupils to the curriculum we deliver.

This self-awareness is crucial to understanding our power as a teacher and taking responsibility to work towards an anti-oppressive approach to teaching.

Developed in collaboration with ScotDEC.

Fees – Whole school training (online)
  • Schools subscribed to the Tower Hamlets School Library Services, £350
  • Non- subscribing schools: £500
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Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay.