Towards an Anti-Racist Tower Hamlets
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Towards an Anti-Racist Tower Hamlets

The Tackling Race Inequalities Commission funded Global Learning London to work with schools across Tower Hamlets as part of their current strategy. We have completed the second year of this programme and have worked with 25 schools across Tower Hamlets.
This programme has been focussed on providing knowledge, space, and opportunities for educators to learn, reflect and unlearn, and to connect with other educators to share good practice and challenges when creating an anti-racist environment in schools.

Theory of Change

Our Vision

A school culture where children are supported to become anti-racist critical thinkers who are safe and understood in their school environment.

If educators are open to receive anti-racist training, and are willing to develop their knowledge and understanding of what it means to be an anti-racist;

And if educators use their anti-racist knowledge to embody authentic allyship by empowering and enabling BAME educators, and diversifying and decolonising the curriculum;

Then schools can start to create a culture shift towards a more diverse and representative teaching body and curriculum which is reflective of the community it serves.

Our reach

You can learn more about the second year of the support package, here.

TARC Schools 2020-23

  1. Bonner Primary School
  2. Bygrove School
  3. Chisenhale Primary School
  4. Clara Grant Primary
  5. Columbia Primary School
  6. Elizabeth Selby Infants School
  7. Marner Primary School
  8. Olga Primary
  9. Stebon Primary School
  10. Virginia Primary School
  11. Woolmore Primary School
  12. William Davis Primary School
New or Restarting
  1. Cayley Primary
  2. Cyril Jackson Primary School
  3. George Green’s School
  4. Halley Primary School
  5. Harbinger Primary School
  6. Mayflower Primary
  7. St Luke’s C of E Primary School
  8. St Paul with St Luke Primary School
  9. St Pauls Way Foundation School (Primary)
  10. St Saviour’s Primary School
  11. Stepney All Saints School and Sixth Form
  12. Stewart Headlam Primary School
  13. Hague Primary School



Stop Racism photo credit:  This image was originally posted to Flickr by Ivan Radic. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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