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Rich Mix, Herbal Blessings and Global Learning London invite you to join us for an Open Afternoon, and 6 week course, with Herbal Blessings, of seed planting, medicine making, foraging and remedy sharing. Come and explore the role of nature, healing herbs and creativity in our personal and collective healing.

This course will be a combination of in person and online events. The Taster intends to introduce the course so all are welcome.

Once you commit to the course it is advised to attend all sessions. For further information and to book your place contact

Open Afternoon Mon 18 Oct 12.30-2.30pm: Community Conversation: Healing Herbs, Nature and Creativity.

This open afternoon welcomes you to reconnect to your inner herbalist as we move towards collectively healing from the lockdown. We’ll encourage nurturing conversations and open listening bringing you together though a range of thoughtful activities to share knowledge and provoke your curiosity, including sensory scent and breathing exercises. We’ll have our Visual Minutes artist available capturing the conversations with descriptive drawings to help us plan for the course based on what matters to you!


Mon 1st Nov 12.30-2.30pm: Reconnecting to our roots

We all have a historic tradition and culture of plant medicine.In our first session we reconnect to this knowledge in a sharing circle to collectively develop a mix of plant remedies, stories, memories and traditions that reflect who we are. In exploring our herbal roots we begin to better understand our present day connection to nature and plant medicine. This conversation will be interactive and fuelled by herbal tea!

Mon 8th Nov 12.30-2.30pm: Sowing the Seeds of Healing In

This session we will make our own compostable newspaper plant pots and plant some organic herbs seeds. We will explore the healing properties and traditional stories of the seeds that we plant and the best way of turning them into medicine.

Mon 15th Nov 12.30-2.30pm: Herb Walk

Join us for a local herb walk, as we find the local plants and trees that can be used for medicine.

Mon 22nd Nov 12.30-2.30pm: Creativi-Tea

In this session you will be introduced to some simple ways of connecting to your intuition and exploring its relationship with our creativity, connection to nature and medicine. You will make your own herbal tea bag and we will collectively create a tea ceremony to partake in at the end.

Mon 29th Nov 12.30-2.30pm: Collective Medicine Making

By now our seedlings should have flourished to a fully grow plant. In this session we will explore where in ourselves needs healing. We explore some of the lockdown related ailments that we may have experienced whether that be poor sleep, anxiety or digestive issues. We will collectively make a remedy from the plants that we seed.

Mon 6th Dec 12.30-2.30pm: Harvesting

In our final session we look back on all that we have learnt and experience, continuing the conversation of building community healing and resilience. With of course plenty of herbal tea to fuel the conversation we will be rejoined by Global Learning London who will guide us through this final session.


The Herbal Blessing Clinic is a community run herbal clinic that runs clinic, workshops, walks and retreats to provide holistic herbal health and teaching for the community.

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