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With young people at the helm, we are working to uncover stories authored by lesser-heard people in our communities, reinterpreting them into arts performances, and touring the work in cultural institutions (theatres, galleries, libraries, heritage sites…) across the four locations. 

Our project brings us together with children and young people to retell stories of resilience in-COVID across four locations:

  • Cumbria with Cumbria Development Education Centre
  • London, with Global Learning London
  • Slovenia with Povod, Institute for Culture and Development of International Relations in Culture
  • Turkey, with DEM Experimental Training Centre

Our project objectives are: 

  • To amplify the voices of those from lesser-heard communities with particular focus on their experiences of COVID 19 
  • To skill up school children in the arts and creative industries towards nurturing an interest in the arts as a viable career option 
  • To uplift cultural organisations hard-hit by COVID by reconnecting them with their communities by diversifying their audiences
If you are part of a state-funded school in Tower Hamlets and would like additional information or to access this opportunity, please get in touch with our Project Lead, Fatema Zehra.

The project runs from June 2021 to June 2023.

Shape Shape