Shea Williams’ Blog Series: Onwards and (Quite Literally) Upwards
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Shea Williams’ Blog Series: Onwards and (Quite Literally) Upwards

I’ve officially finished my Internship at Global Learning London and am now on the second part of my Year In. There are only about five months until I go to University and wow, how fast this has gone!

When I came into my internship, I thought six months were going to last forever (ironic I know). Unsurprisingly I was wrong – I blinked, and it was over – but I am glad I have crammed so many life lessons into such a short space of time.

I have learned the importance of having a great team. This job has raised my expectations regarding workplace culture; not once did I feel uncomfortable when asking a question, or feel I had to keep up appearances. If anything, I was the one who dressed the most formally all the time! #fashionmogul

In the workplace, age really does not matter. It is not until there is a reference to an old movie or event that I wasn’t alive for, or when I mention I am attending university as an Undergrad, not a Postgrad do we all remember just how young I am. If you have the knowledge, experience and passion then it really does not matter.

It is so important to be comfortable with setting boundaries. I’m not completely there yet but certainly improved. From what I have seen it is rare for your boss and colleagues promoting a work life balance; telling you to log off and stop working. With that, I have also learned that tracking your time via time-sheets is essential, even if you are not asked to. It allows you to see if and when you are over/under-working, so you can adjust accordingly.

As well as time, I have learned the importance of tracking your wins. Now when someone asks me what achievements I have accomplished I have a literal document to recall from.

And most importantly I have learned the importance of initiative. As the first official intern, I essentially paved the way for myself and others to be in this role. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t constantly nagged Alia about it in 2020. Of course, there have been learning curbs, but that is what comes with being the first anything. I look back at my role as Project Assistant with nothing but pride and nostalgia.

I am now in the “travel, do what you like” section of the Year In and I’m loving it. In one year I have almost matched the number of countries I’ve travelled to in my entire life! It’s given me a glimpse into the life I aim to continue after university. I do however miss the idea of having a bit more structure in my life, but perhaps that is just something to do with my own discipline.

I am definitely enjoying this peace before university starts. Although I’m excited to live away from home and have the independence university demands, I am certainly not wishing it any closer – I have learnt how fast 6 months pass. Plus, I know I’ll be back all the time to sneak a few items in the cart when my parents are doing the monthly food shop.

Shea joins the Global Learning London team as an Associate, facilitating for our ‘Towards an Anti- Racist Curriculum’ as well as ‘Shared Ground ’ training for school staff.

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