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Creative Communities: Active Citizenship Resource for Parents & Carers

Have you ever seen something that bothers you but you weren’t too sure how you could change it? Have you ever wanted to volunteer at your kid’s school or at your local faith centre, but weren’t too sure where to start? Or have you felt that you want to connect with people and learn new skills, but haven’t found the time or the opportunities?

This resource will help you to understand how to be an active citizen.  It will explore what this means and help you to help others in your local community.  You will find ways to identify lots of opportunities to support and connect with local organisations, people and initiatives.

Three themes are addressed in detail – Climate Change, Consumer Choices and Community Connections – all at a personal level, locally and through global interconnections.

Download our resource here.


Image:”Annatomix graffiti, Tower Hamlets Cemetery” by duncan is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0