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You, Me, Story! | Learning Guide

All forests start with seeds.  The seed for You, Me, Story! was planted by Xanthe Gresham-Knight’s Arts Council England (ACE) funded Goddess Lounge, an online storytelling programme featuring international performers, environmentalists, authors, and non-binary artists.

Thanks to the LGBTQAI+ stories told by Amelia Armande and Alex Etchart and as part of the project, we started our adventure in East London and East Sussex.

Using Global Learning to underpin the learning, we have created this guide aimed at KS3 learners.  The guide will allow you to develop as an educator and better understand the LGBTQIA+ folks in our communities.

This guide shares our learning as well as the trusted work of organisations that we know and respect as well as:

  • Global Case Studies                                                                         
  • Storytelling Tips for Educators                                
  • A Note on Responsibility                                                                
  • Storytelling Activities                                                                
  • Booklists and Resources  
You can access the You, Me, Story! Learning Guide + resources by clicking here.

As a team, we have stretched, challenged ourselves and learned loads while discovering first-hand the thirst in young people to learn more about themselves using creativity to explore their identities and discover who they are.

“Storytelling doesn’t belong to any one person. Stories are the commonwealth of humanity. They are our link to the past and our roadmap to the future, and we forget them at our peril.”

Amelia Armande